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One common truism is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

This can mean a lot of different things.

If you're driving a car on a road trip, and you see a gas station, you stop and fill up.

Without GPS or a plan, you don't know where the next gas station will be.

Our hunger instinct was calibrated under the same premise.

Whenever you see food, you eat food, since you don't know when the next food opportunity will be.

But if you are riding a horse, and you see some water, you can't fill up the horse with water like you fill up your car.

The horse has no idea what's going on.

If he's not thirsty, he won't drink.

You, the horse rider, expect the horse to drink.

You, the horse rider, KNOWS the value of water.

You, the horse rider, knows the water is needed.

But you can't MAKE the horse drink.

If he's not thirsty, he's not going to drink.

If the horse does not want the water for his own reasons, he's not going to drink.

Unfortunately, the "leading the horse to water" strategy is pretty much everybody's go-to strategy when it comes to persuasion and seduction.

You KNOW you or your product is valuable.

You KNOW that the person before you would BENEFIT from you.

But unless THEY are feeling it, for their own reasons, they are not going to budge.

This is why sales and seduction CAN be hit or miss.

A numbers game.

Because you present yourself and your product, based on why YOU think it's valuable.

Sure, you'll find a FEW people who'll naturally agree with you.

But not many.

Most people simply accept this.

The numbers game model.

But there is a much, much easier way.

To instead of using the "memorized sales pitch" approach, turn OFF your own brain.

Turn OFF your own opinions about why you or your product is valuable.

Instead, open up their brain.

Everybody has a slightly different "mind map" of the world.

Everybody as a slightly different set of stories to describe their world.

To describe themselves in the world.

To describe their desires from their unique perspective.

If you ignore their mind map, you are forced to play the numbers game.

If you ignore their stories, you are forced to play the numbers game.

But guess what?

If you feed horses some salty snacks a few minutes before getting to the water, you'll MAKE him thirsty.

And if you open up THEIR maps and stories, you can make THEM thirsty.

For you.

Learn How:



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