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One of Cialdini's laws of persuasion is "liking."

Meaning the more we "like" somebody, the more we'll take whatever they say at face value.

For example, imagine you're in some store, looking to maybe purchase something.

Let's say it's something you've been wanting for a long time, and it's a few hundred bucks.

And just when you're about to turn away, and think about getting it later, you see an old friend.

A good friend.

A friend you've helped bury bodies, and they've helped you bury bodies.

A friend that would help you break out of prison if you needed him.

A friend that makes you feel really good when you see him.

And he looks at you, and at that thing you are about to buy, and says:

"Dude, that thing is AWESOME! I own six of them! Damn you should buy it NOW!"

Chances are, that recommendation from a friend would push you over the edge.

This is why RAPPORT is so important.

When you match somebody's body language, it sends a very STRONG message:

"I am like you."

This is delivered subconsciously and powerfully.

And since most people LIKE THEMSELVES, we tend to like others which we feel FAMILIAR and comfortable with.

Body language rapport INCREASES the "liking" law of influence.

What else triggers the "liking" law of influence?

A pretty face, a small waist and some BIG BOOBS!

Well, not necessarily those things, but an attractive person.

This is why the halo effect is so powerful.

We look at pretty people.

We AUTOMATICALLY get a deep subconscious feeling that says, "I like that person!"

So when they say stuff, we don't question it NEARLY as much.

For example, consider this mental split test.

Situation one, you're at your local food court or any place where you need to make a food choice.

Then a GORGEOUS woman (or dude if you like) shows up, and whispers seductively in your ear:

"Hey sweetie, I really think you should consider choice X, it makes me feel really, really good..."

Most normal humans would get choice X.

(and maybe a boner...)

Now imagine that SAME sentence, but coming from a smelly homeless guy with pee stains all over his pants.

And when he whispers that to you, you can feel some of his spittle going inside your ear!

Gross, dude!

You wouldn't choose X, you'd RUN!

But the BEST way to make yourself likeable is to DEMONSTRATE this.

Big boobs, rapport, these are all QUICK and unconscious things.

A much, much better way to DEMONSTRATE liking is to expand their mind map and stories.

To really pay attention to, expand and appreciate the subjective ideas they've got in their mind.

Big boobs and rapport are kind of binary.

They either exist or they don't.

But the MORE you expand THEIR mind map and stories, the MORE they'll like you.

So much they'll EAGERLY do whatever you suggest.

With a happy smile on their face.

Learn How:


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