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Make Lovers Not Enemies


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One way to look at the human brain is as a meaning maker.

We look out into the world, and see stuff happen.

Since we aren't robots or Vulcans, we give subjective meaning to those things.

We collect all these various subjective meanings together into belief systems.

We very much LIKE our own belief systems.

We all have a very deep, very inner "core idea" of who WE are.

And this core idea is either positive, or negative.

And it's part of the job of all our filters and biases to ONLY see things, or to only interpret things that RESONATE with this core idea of who we are.

If you ever get into an argument with somebody, and they start getting really angry, it's because you are getting to close to their "core self".

We ALL do this.

In fact, consider that we can't NOT do this.

We collect beliefs, philosophies, world views, etc. that MATCH our core idea of "us."

So when you argue against one of these core ideas, YOU may be thinking you're just talking about an abstract idea.

But from their perspective, it feels, emotionally and subconsciously, that you are attacking THEM.

Not their behaviors or beliefs, but who they are on a DEEP level.

Generally speaking, this is NOT a good idea.

This is very much like a physical fight.

Physically fighting with somebody CAN be a nice hobby.

Either in a "fight club" style or in an organized tournament.

But you aren't going to make any friends, nor are you going to make any money, nor are you EVER going to get laid while trying to prove people wrong.

Especially when you realize the intention they FEEL.

You might think you are proving their idea wrong.

But they will FEEL that you are trying to DESTROY their sense of self.

This will make them JUST as unhappy as an unexpected punch in the face.

Instead, consider doing the OPPOSITE.

Sure, it feels good to be "right."

But if you can put that ancient human desire aside for just a bit, you can get some better things that being "right" while they get angry.

What better things?

Making friends, making money, and getting laid.

Instead of "proving them wrong," instead prove them right.

By focusing on their mind map of the world.

Of seeing all their hidden beliefs and ideas from the treasure hunter perspective.

Of expanding not only their mind map, but all THEIR subjective stories and meanings about the world.

This will make them feel very GOOD.

And they will associate that good feeling with YOU.

Leading more easily to friends, money and SEX.

Learn How:


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