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Human nature is much simpler than most people realize.

That's because our "nature" was calibrated for a much simpler life.

Get food, stay safe, and have sex.

All of these were tied together.

The more you produced, in excess of consumption, the more of an "alpha" you were.

This was mostly true before we invented agriculture.

The dudes who killed the biggest animals, and shared the excess, got the most social love.

The dudes who did this consistently, had the highest status.

Those with the highest status triggered the desire in the ladies.

This was a perfect system.

This ensured that most successful hunters, and the youngest, healthiest ladies would populate the next generation.

This is why all men, when they see a lady they like, instinctively imagine doing something magnificent, so that they may win her attention.

This is why the hero's journey is what it is.

It matches this ancient human drive.

To leave home, build skills, conquer the villain, and come home a hero.

If you wanted to write books that would sell, makes sure they match this structure.

What about the ladies?

We can kind of "reverse engineer" the ancient desires of the ladies by looking inside the best selling romantic fiction.

For example, take a look at the Twilight movies.

A young, otherwise plain high school girl is swept off her feet by a vampire.

That he's a vampire is not the main point.

The main point is he is a very POWERFUL male, that can pretty much destroy all the competition.

Imagine an ancient, young, beautiful cave lady.

What would her dream be?

To be "picked" by the most alpha killer.

To be "made famous" by being picked by the most alpha killer.

If you want to persuade men, either one on one or from the stage, make sure you pace the deep and instinctive dreams of men.

Of being the alpha killer who saves society and gets the rewards as a result.

If you want to persuade women, either one on one, or from the stage, be sure to leverage the "being picked for your beauty" instinct.

For men, you can go as big as you want.

One on one, selling sports cars for example.

Or from the stage.

But for women, you can do this very effectively in one on one situations.


Ask them how they'd like to become famous.

Not just blatantly, but ease the conversation in that direction.

Just like every man dreams of becoming the hero, every woman dreams of becoming famous.

Get her talking along those lines, and she'll feel REALLY good.

And if you're careful, she'll associate those good feelings with YOU.

Learn How:


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