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Darth Vader, Jesus and Voldemort


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A short hand version of a common question to ask somebody new is, "What's your story?"

This sounds very intuitive.

We all have a "story" about who we are, where we are going, the things we want, the obstacles we'll face, etc.

There's a TV show about way back in the day before ladies were allowed to be full fledged reporters.

It's based on a true story that happened at Newsweek magazine back in the sixties.

They made an HBO show about it, and in one episode a lady was being taught how to be a reporter by her boyfriend.

They both saw an event.

They both agreed what the event was, objectively.

A minor, and an orphan was sneaking out at night and spray painting various walls.

They disagreed on what the "story" should be.

The lady thought the "story" was how the at-risk-youth were being left behind.

The guy thought the "story" was how the establishment (cops etc.) were not doing their job in protecting the city.

When a guy is on trial for murder, or some other non-technical crime, and the evidence is fairly sketchy, whichever attorney comes up with the best "story" will win.

A long, long time ago, I took a class in the Bible as literature.

It was taught by a Catholic Priest, who, to his credit, really did teach it as literature.

His main point that it was a "story."

As a piece of this evidence, he pointed out that in the different versions of the crucifixion, they had different inscriptions.

If this were an event, and had been reported on by actual reporters, they would have gotten that part right.

But he did illustrate a very, very interesting concept.

And that is the "origin" of "origin stories."

In the four Gospels, the way they are laid it, it follows this structure PERFECTLY.

First, there is Jesus, and all the things he did.

Later, there a stories about him going even further back.

And then in the last Gospel (John) was perhaps the most famous "origin story" of all time.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God...

... and the Word became flesh."

Who else follows this kind of story evolution?

Darth Vader and Voldemort.

The first movies and books just have the bad guy.

But then in later books or movies, you find out what happened to them as kids.

All human communication is a story.

And just like world famous, super rich defense attorneys can get blatant criminals off by telling STORIES, so can you.

Win elections, win hearts, and win contracts, win whatever you want.

Ditch the "Language is words" metaphor and instead, pick up the "language is stories" metaphor and CLEAN UP.

Master stories, your mind.

Master stories, master the world.

Learn How:



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