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The Paradox Of Leadership


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How you use your words is an indication of the thoughts in your mind.

This is hard to think about.

Since most of our thoughts our private, and mostly unconscious, we tend to think our words are a separate entity.

But consider that with regards to thought and language, there are three basic skills you can improve.

One is the quality of your thoughts.

Most people think the same tired out thoughts, day after day.

The same excuses, complaints and projections.

The second is how accurately you describe those thoughts.

This isn't automatic, or even natural.

Most people, in fact, suck at this.

Most people are not very articulate.

This is a common source of relationship problems.

"What's wrong?


And that's that.

Two people, both a deeply complex swirl of emotions, and that's the best they can articulate.

"What's wrong?


The third skill is one few will even consider.

The kind of skill we expect from artists, performers and world class writers.

This can only come AFTER you learn how to articulate your thoughts.

And this skill is taking those SAME thoughts, and using words that make them sound compelling.

If you do this, you'll be admired, respected, sought and loved.

Even better, is most people assume that with very attractive sounding words, it reflects a very deeply complex mind.

Luckily, that is false.

This HAS to be false.

Otherwise, none of those compelling words, lyrics, poetry and stories would be so inspiring to us common people.

The truth is that ALL our thoughts are a simple.

We all want the same things.

Move money, more sex, more love, more respect.

But most of us want those, can't get them, and shift into complain and blame mode.

Most humans today are pretty entitled.

But here's a pretty mind bending thought.

The best way to GET those things is to express a desire for those things.

But not like a little kid in a high chair screaming for somebody else to give it to them.

But to express your PLANS to get those things.

This won't magically make them show up.

But everybody around you ALSO wants those things.

And when they see you confidently express your desire to get those things, what will they think?

They will think a couple of things.

One is they'll think, "I want those same things!"

Two is they'll think, "I wish I could express my desires like that guy!"

Which will give you authority.

Massive authority.

And if you can describe not only your desire, but your plans, however vague, to get those things, what happens?

Everybody will follow you.

And that is HOW you'll get those things.

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