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Voltaire famously said he only needed ten minutes to talk away his ugly face, and he'd bed the queen of France.

Maybe he was being truthful.

Maybe was really just bragging to his buddies.

But the idea is very, very compelling.

In one episode if "The Last Kingdom," a serial drama that takes place when the Vikings were running around creating havoc in pre-united England, one character gave another some very good advice.

The character giving the advice was leaving.

The character receiving advice was going to hang around and try and keep the peace.

The advice?

"Be careful of X, he uses his words very well."

Where X was some low key villain.

But that statement is very, very telling.

It's different from saying he's good with a sword.

It's different from saying he's got a lot of money to bribe people.

It's different from saying he's got a lot of connections with some sketchy people.

He uses his words very well.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means he can stand up, maybe on a table, and start talking.

And based only on his WORDS, he can generate an intention in the crowd.

That using only his WORDS, he can lead the crowd to do plenty of damage.

Most war movies, or movies with battles have a very well written, "battlefield speech."

Where the one guy uses only his WORDS to inspire his usually outnumbered troops so they can kill the bad guys.

Most sports movies, even mediocre sports TV shows have the famous locker room speech.

Even the speeches that totally suck, they are there because we EXPECT them.

We EXPECT to hear a rousing speech by somebody before we do something.

Even when burying a fallen comrade, somebody needs to SAY something.

They even say this in the movies.

Their all standing at their buddy's grave, and somebody looks around.

"Shouldn't somebody say something?"

That we both expect and fear a string of powerful words is an indication that this is part of who we are.

An instinct.

Beyond battlefield speeches, words are critical.

The things we say to each other are critical.

Our biggest selling feature as animals is our brains.

Our thinking, speaking brains.

The words we say reflect our thinking.

The thoughts we think are driven by the words we hear.

If you can talk a good game, you can open a door into many, many minds.

If you can change how you talk to yourself you can recalibrate your own mind.

If you can master words, you can master thought.

If you can master thought, you can master behaviors.

Yours, your friends, and everybody else.

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