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Binge watching has become pretty common.

In some ways, this is a kind of sad state of the world.

The word "binge" used to be associated with bad behaviors.

Binge drinking, where you'd drink until you passed out, and then start drinking again as soon as you regained consciousness.

Binge eating, where you eat way more than you need.

Or binge and purging, where you eat and then make yourself vomit, so you can eat some more.

But binging is now accepted.

Even considered normal.

When a new TV show drops on Netflix, for example, it's even assumed that most people will binge it in one weekend.

Maybe this doesn't involve food or alcohol, this isn't considered as bad.

But on a much deeper level, it represents an absolute inability to delay gratification.

I've seen some negative reviews for shows, with the reason being is that they ONLY release one show a week.

As if planning to watch your favorite TV show once a week is to difficult for adults.

But like all things, there are good things and bad things.

For example, food companies purposely engineer food so we can't help but keep eating.

They have some pretty high tech scientists.

Brain scanning, MRI tests, all to maximize the addiction.

So you cannot only eat one chip.

Bingeable TV shows are designed the same way.

They've got the whole cliffhanger thing down to a science.

But not just at the end of the episode, all throughout the episode.

Sometimes it's so blatant, that it seems silly.

But at the same time, you HAVE to keep watching just to find out.

For example, I was watching one show where a woman came to a man's house.

She was serving him divorce papers.

He said something about a previous deal.

"You said I'd get X so long as I didn't tell him the truth!"

To which, she said:

"I don't care! Tell him! It will hurt him more than me!"

Of course, the "truth" was left out, so you have to find out what it is.

This is a very easy, and often cheap way to get your attention.

A better way is to create characters and stories so compelling we are genuinely interested in what happens next.

But even if we AREN'T that interested in the characters, our brains will MAKE US keep watching.

Just to find out.

Kind of like even though we WANT to stop eating chips, our taste buds, our brains MAKE us keep eating.

If you were cooking, and wanted to create this effect, it would be difficult.

Those food engineers are mostly PhD chemists.

But making your speaking binegable is very, very easy.

There are some very easy linguistic techniques you can use.

To COMPEL people to pay attention to you while you are speaking.

Even better, is if you do this in front of a few people.

Then EVERYBODY will see EVERYBODY ELSE watching you.

Giving you both social proof and authority.

Learn How:


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