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You Don't Need Permission For Anything


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Way back when I was in high school, I went through a rebellious phase.

I was very anti-authority of any kind.

One of my favorite quotes was from Johnny Rotten, the singer of the Sex Pistols.

It wasn't really a quote, more of an opening line before the music started.

It was on their cover of "Substitute," originally by The Who.

The quote?

"You don't need permission for anything..."

A similar "truism" is that getting forgiveness is easier than getting permission.

If you're a kid, you discover this over and over.

You think about doing something, but you have a feeling you shouldn't.

You imagine asking an adult if you could or should do that, and you immediately imagine them saying no.

So you do it anyway, even though you might get in trouble anyway.

Then comes the reframe.

They adults find out they ask what you were thinking.

You act innocent and say, "I thought it would be OK?"

They say it's not, and to please not do it again.

I've known some grown up, professional adults who use this same strategy in court.

"Gee, you're honor, I'm sorry. I'm just a dumb hillbilly, I didn't know this was wrong, or bad!"

And chances are, if it's your first offence, and you're wearing a nice suit, and you openly respect the "authority" of the court, you may get let off.

If you're attractive enough, you can use this technique to get of tickets.

All of these "weasel techniques" have the same basic structure.

You do something you know is wrong.

You figure you'll get in trouble.

But your "escape strategy" is to pretend you just a silly innocent moron who doesn't know right from wrong.

There IS an instinctive reasoning behind this.

People LOVE to lecture other people.

It's a very good expression of our "social hierarchy" instinct.

Whenever you lecture others, it feels very much like you are in a superior position.

Even animals use these kind of strategies.

It would be very good, and very recommended strategy if you happened to be hiking through the jungle and came across a silver back gorilla.

Immediately break off eye contact, kneel in the dirt, and respect the authority of the jungle chief.

These all based on recognizing true authority.

This also requires you accept that you AREN'T the authority.

Sometimes this is a good strategy.

If you are kid, and you are worried about adults.

If you are an adult, and you are worried about cops, judges, and silverback gorillas.

But everybody else?

Most people have no idea how EASY it is to ASSUME an authority position.

From which you really DON'T need permission for anything.

Learn How:


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