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Easy Frame Domination Hacks


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It's always cool when you find a secret hack.

Hack, of course, is a very broad category.

Once when I was in elementary school, I found a coupon for a free candy bar on the last page of the Sunday comics.

I went and got one, verified there weren't any strings, and called my friend.

Behind the supermarket they had a large dumpster that was somehow filled up with Sunday papers by the afternoon.

Neither of us had any idea why.

But we went dumpster diving for the Sunday comics.

And sure enough, for pretty much every Sunday comic we found was a coupon for a free candy bar.

Lots of video games have hidden hacks, or cheats.

Build in by the designers.

Kind of like a game inside of a game.

Way back when "game" was invented, a bunch of folks create a bunch  of "hacks" into the minds of ladies.

These hacks were legit.

Even a few female psychologists were very much against them.

Which meant they worked.

Make no mistake, they took a lot of confidence.

If you nervously approached a gorgeous lady, and kind of muttered out one of these linguistic hacks, she'd laugh.

But these same techniques used with basic self confidence would get you in like Flynn.

Funny thing is when most people think of language hacks, we only think of the words.

But there are always things way more important than words.

Part of our non-verbal, subconscious behavior and communication.

If it were only about the words, being an A-list actor would be easy.

But you not only have to remember the words (the easy part), but you have to say them believably.

And sometimes, you don't need to remember the words.

Actors often have people standing just out of the camera's view to feed them lines when they forget.

The real hacks are the ones that operate ONLY subconsciously.

If you are trying to be an actor, you need to project certain emotions.

But in social situations, there is one "emotion" that trumps all.

One emotion that leads all others.

One emotion that when people sense it coming from you, they turn off their minds, and follow yours.

This is a basic component of human nature.

Most people will naturally comply with a strong leader.

This is the best part.

There are plenty of "hacks" to project strong leadership skills.

Even better is all you need is a teeny tiny bit.

Project a certain amount of frame domination.

A few people pick up on that.

Then others pick on them, picking up on your frame.

Once this happens, your strong, dominant frame is self sustaining.

Not by you, by all the people who are naturally obeying your frame.

All with a few simple hacks.

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