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Socrates and Marcus Aurelius were two different guys from two different times.

One guy was a Greek philosopher.

One guy was an orator and a Roman Emperor.

But they both had the same idea about the human thought process.

Socrates believed that everything everybody believed was wrong.

And he could prove this.

This is where they get the Socratic method from.

By asking enough simple and well placed questions, it's very easy to PROVE that any idea anybody has is false.

Of course, eventually Socrates started doing this to the people he shouldn't have done this to.

Namely the leaders of Athens who were pretty corrupt.

They all had their logical reasons why they should run society the way they thought they should run society.

Socrates carefully asked them enough questions so they started to really get worried.

That this philosopher dude might make them look bad.

So he "chose" to drink Hemlock.

Kind of like in the movies when the "good guy" is going to be publicly executed, but one of his buddies sneaks in some poison or a knife.

So the hero can die alone, with his own thoughts, and not in front a bunch of jeering spectators.

This presents a problem.

You absolutely CAN learn some simple questions that will prove, fairly quickly, that the ideas in people's brains are false.

The problem is that this is likely the biggest "anti party skill" you could ever learn.

It's not going to make you any friends.

It's not going to make you any money.

And it's certainly not going to get you laid.

What about Marcus Aurelius?

Same idea, but different approach.

Instead of proving everybody wrong, he simply accepted this is the way things are.

He wrote in "Meditations," that "everything is opinion."

Your ideas, my ideas, their ideas, that famous smart person you like to watch on YouTube.

Everything is opinion.

Given that as a starting point, what did Marcus Aurelius do?

He bootstrapped himself to the highest position possible.

By developing the most powerful and compelling speaking skills possible.

The most persuasive and elegant speaking skills.

He started from scratch.

As the story goes, he had a speech impediment.

That, of course, didn't stop him.

He went down to the beach, filled his mouth with rocks, and yelled at the ocean.

I guess back in those days they didn't have Toastmasters.

Tons of studies have been done, and if you resonate ANY kind of authority "energy," people will turn off their brain and take whatever you say as FACT.

Now, you could be like Socrates, and run around proving everybody wrong, not making any friends and not getting laid.

Or you could take some advice from a Roman Emperor.

And BECOME the authority.

So your opinions BECOME the "truth" in everybody else's mind.

Learn How:


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