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A common "truism" in dating and seduction communities is to not listen to what "she" says, but to watch what "she" does.

The idea is that women will say one thing, but do another.

This is true, but it's true like confirmation bias is true.

This type of behavior is very easy to see in others.

Very hard to see in ourselves.

So, what does the previous "truism" mean, particularly about human behavior?

That what we say and what we do seem to always be different things?

One way this comes out is in marketing studies.

If you asks somebody if they like brand X, they'll usually tell you they do.

But if you WATCH people, their behaviors will tell a different story.

A much more accurate story.

One long term study was done on weight loss.

They first did a study on various diets, etc.

But the results didn't make much sense.

Until they realized they were making a cardinal marketing study error.

The data that didn't make any sense was based on "self reported" data.

So they decided to follow people around.

And it turned out that most people reported eating less than they really ate.

Nobody suspected these people were blatantly lying.

But when humans say things, we tend to "alter" what we are talking about to make ourselves look better.

This is why the truism if not listening to what "she" says, and instead watching what "she" does is good advice.

But not just for women you are trying to date, but for EVERYBODY.

If you've ever given job interviews to people, they will say ANYTHING to get the job.

So if you ask questions and take their answers at face value, you might end up hiring somebody who has NO IDEA how to do what they say they can do.

This is a part of human nature.

This comes out in many, many ways.

For example, most people will hold that money, or at least the love of money, is "evil."

That rich people are only rich because they are "evil."

Now, is this an absolute truth, or this a handy self deception so you don't feel so bad about not being rich?

What would happen if you found a sack of money?

A lot of money?

Turn it into cops, since money is evil?

Or keep it?

These are tough questions.

Another way to see the difference between what people say and what people do, is how they handle "leadership."

The things people say what they want in a leader is much, much different than the people they'll actually follow.

Just like the things people say they what they want in a partner is different from the people they actually chase.

But when a REAL leader shows up, people WILL follow them.

Even if they don't want to.

How can you BE that leader that people will follow, even if they pretend they don't want to?

Learn How:


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