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When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Twilight Zone.

Spooky stories with unexpected twists.

One was kind of weird.

A bunch of guys had this airplane that didn't fit anywhere.

Nobody remembered anything, and they kept disappearing.

But the crux of the whole episode was realizing that it wasn't true.

Just some horrible imagination that became real.

And it was proven to be false when one guy stuck his hand into the still spinning prop.

And then the plane vanished.

This is a pretty good metaphor for our common fears.

So long as we stay stuck, our fears will keep us stuck.

But our fears are make believe.

As soon as we take one step in the direction, the fear will vanish.

And turn into excitement.

Which is necessary.

If you are going to be engaging socially, you need that extra energy.

But that extra energy is easy to misunderstand.

Once when I was in high school a buddy of mine and I decided to rebel against the system.

What this really meant was that we were going stand up a minute before the bell rang.

I know, dangerous rebels we were!

But instead of getting a lecture by our teacher, everybody copied us.

The teacher looked up at the clock, then looked at all the people standing up, and didn't say a peep.

Most people will never be leaders.

One of the most common fictional hero is the hero that is kind of forced to become a hero.

Not one that steps up on his own.

We LIKE this character because we all have a twin fear-desire idea.

We'd LOVE to be in charge, but we don't want to stand up and TAKE charge.

We love the idea of having "greatness thrust upon us."

That way, we get the best of both worlds.

This is how most people view the world.

Under most situations we will ALWAYS look around for somebody to tell us what to do.

Or to give us permission to tell others what to do.

This is why we LOVE movies where characters are "thrust into greatness."

But here's the thing.

Leadership is very much like the two guys and the bear.

Those two guys that were out hiking, and they saw a bear.

One guy starts putting on his running shoes.

The other guy says, "Dude, what are you doing? You can't outrun a bear!"

To which the running shoes guy says:

"I don't need to outrun the bear.  I just need to outrun YOU!"

This is the secret of leadership and frame domination.

You don't have to have the frame of James Bond to take charge.

You just have to have slightly stronger frame than everybody around you.

And since most people's frames these days are pretty weak, that is pretty easy.

Especially when you exhibit leadership and frame domination very subtly, very subconsciously, and very, very effectively.

Learn How:


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