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Leverage The Milgram Effect


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One of the primary assumptions in persuasion and influence is our logical minds aren't involved.

This idea pops up in a lot of places with a lot of different descriptions.

Cialdini showed we are influenced by things outside of our conscious awareness.

If you've ever tried to use logic to get a girl or a guy to sleep with you, it probably didn't work.

Logical arguments rarely work unless we are building rockets or doing brain surgery.

Choosing movies, choosing dinner, choosing short term or long term romantic partners, even choosing things like cars and houses, logic is not a main component.

We buy things based on how we feel.

We date people based on how they make us feel.

We choose food, friends, and our clothing based on how we feel.

If you want to have a lot of fun, but also make some enemies, find out why people believe what they do.

If you stay calm enough, and use enough meta model questions, it won't take long to find that the root of most beliefs is the following.

"I believe it because the guy on TV said it was true."

Now, nobody will ever say that.

They'll say things like, "that's been proven already."

But unless they are a scientist themselves, the idea that "it's been proven" has been taken at face value by the guy on TV.

The Milgram experiment showed how clueless we are in the face of authority.

Nearly 70% of people gave what they thought was an electric shock to a stranger, only because some goof in a lab coat said it was OK.

The internal mental resistance to shocking some poor guy is pretty high.

Believe what some academic goof says on TV? 

Not so much.

But you need to be careful with these ideas.

Running around proving the ideas that exist in people's brains are FALSE won't make you any friends.

Dissecting people's beliefs is about as ANTI a party skill as you can get.

So, why not take the opposite route?

Instead of trying to disprove people's beliefs, or to blindly accept beliefs from authority figures, why not BE the authority figure?

Turns out this is pretty easy.

You don't have to be on TV.

You don't have to hand out business cards with a PHD after your name.

All you need to do is ACT LIKE an authority figure.

This is the SAME as having a strong frame.

There are plenty of very easy, very subconscious behavioral "hacks" to project very powerful authority energy.

People will accept your "authority," and people will follow you because of it.

Learn How:


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