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Cialdini made a huge impact with his first book about persuasion and influence.

He is a psychology professor, but he did his experiments, and came to his conclusions, as a true marketer.

There is a long known about phenomenon in psychology that people rarely tell the "truth" when answering surveys.

They do tell the truth, but it's a "altered truth."

For example, imagine you saw an ad on Craigslist or somewhere.

They paid you $50 to come in for a day and taste a bunch of different snack crackers and give your feedback.

If the guy doing the survey worked for the snack cracker company, you'd give false feedback.

Since they were paying you, giving you free food, you'd give an "altered" view of the snack crackers.

A "better than normal" opinion of the snack crackers.

What Cialdini and his team did were much more covert.

For example, they'd have people come in and look at various pictures.

And they would fill out forms based on their emotional response to the pictures.

And in the back of the room, there's be a whole bunch of different snack crackers, from different brands.

In reality, the whole picture-emotional study was pure misdirection.

They really wanted to see which snack crackers people ate when they didn't know people were watching them choose which snack crackers.

One of Cialdini's "Meta" findings is that people are influenced by things OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.

This is why most believe that persuasion and influence is some kind of mystery.

The way it works is kind of hard to accept, but study after study reveals this to be true, every single time.

First, we are influenced by things OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.

Then, we make up a conscious story of why we were influenced.

And since we believe that "after the fact" story, we think that same story will influence others.

We try it, it doesn't work, so we conclude that influence is some mysterious thing that nobody understands.

But Cialdini showed that is not the case.

Influence and persuasion is just as scientific and repeatable as biology and physics.

Another way this seems mysterious is in dating and seduction.

Most "game" is reverse engineered, but it's reverse engineered incorrectly.

We only see the "surface structure," or the words, of what is going on.

Then we copy the words, it doesn't work, and we get upset or frustrated.

But the words are NOT what is doing the work.

It's the non-verbal, subconscious part that is doing the work.

If you don't see this part, you'll miss about 90% of what's going on.

But if you learn how to practice this part, you'll have WAY more success.

Luckily, there are plenty of simple practice exercises to do that will significantly strengthen your frame.

For ANY reason.

Learn How:


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