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How To Practice Frame Strength


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Goal setting is a common idea.

And the strategies range from completely unconscious and automatic, to pure metaphysical nonsense.

On the metaphysical side are things like vision boards.

You take some time putting up a bunch of pictures of things you want.

Then wait around for the magic wish fairy to show up at your house.

On the  unconscious automatic side is waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

Both have the same structure.

You have something in mind you want.

You send that "outcome" to your mind-body system.

To the extent you've got some skills programmed in, you can get it quickly and unconsciously.

But if you have no idea how to get that, you'll be stuck in metaphysical vision board land.

Most of the stuff that can end up in the metaphysical land of mumbo jumbo revolves around social skills.

Something involving talking to strangers.

For money, love, sex, or increased social status.

That's why we are suckers for gurus and secret techniques to avoid doing the necessary work.

Most of us are so terrified of simply practicing, that we actually believe in some of the metaphysical hooey.

But that is kind of missing the point.

To get anything that involves social skills, you need to have a certain "frame."

Everything you'll learn any guru seminar only works if it's ON TOP of a pre-existing frame.

The great paradox of guru type learning is that if you HAD the right frame, you wouldn't need the gurus.

The words up on top don't matter nearly as much as we think.

The frame is the most important part.

The self confidence, and positive expectation, and subtle emotional energy.

All projected and picked up on subconsciously.

We LEAD with our frame, and then the words come.

If you ONLY focus on the words, it's already too late.

So, how can you build your frame?

By focusing on some NON-VERBAL aspects of communication.

Simple things like where to put your pauses in the middle of a sentence.

If you don't know the words AND you don't have the frame, you're actually trying to practice two things at once.

This is like learning to juggle AND learning to ride a unicycle at the same time.

But even better, is when you practice FRAME techniques, the words will NEVER matter.

So it will be much, much easier on your brain.

The best part is when you do practice these things, nobody will know but you.

Learn How:


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