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Many loops or cycles are self sustaining.

Both on a massive, life on Earth scale, and as individuals.

You're in a good mood, so you smile at the ladies.

Since you're happy when you smile, they smile back.

Thereby enhancing your good mood and keeping the cycle going.

One theory is that all life on Earth is essentially one gigantic self enhancing, slowly growing organic entity.

This can seem pretty metaphysical.

All kinds of energy flowing back and forth and growing at the same time.

There's an idea that you can "fake it till you make it."

This is sometimes true, but only in certain situations.

Which situations?

The ones that most QUICKLY lead to those self-sustaining, positive loops.

For example, if you were to do an experiment to verify this, you might start off with "fake" smiles.

So long as you had enough people to smile at, it would work.

Holding a smile when you're really neutral doesn't take a lot of energy.

Eventually, people would smile back at you.

Then your smile would then be natural, and subconscious.

This a kind of "prime the pump" kind of thing.

Once your "smile-feedback-pump" system was primed, it would take very little emotional energy to keep it going.

On the other hand, trying to "fake it till you make" under other situations would be catastrophic.

Suppose you happened to be at a nightclub, and they were having an open mic rap battle.

Something you'd never done before.

And suppose you decided to get up on stage, hoping you'd "fake it till you made it."

This is a self sustaining loop that takes WAY more than fake smile.

Most people understand this.

This is pretty intuitive.

Simple fake it till you make it stuff is stuff we do anyway.

More complicated fake it till you make it, like rap battles, not so much.

But there are some simple things you can do.

Things that you won't need to fake, since they'll be very easy.

But the natural feedback you get, will be much, much more than the energy you put out.

For fake smiles, it's kind of a one-to-one thing.

Smile at people, they smile back.

But there are a few things that take little energy, but get MASSIVE returns.

Smiling is one thing.

Smiling says very little about your social status.

Little kids in kindergarten can smile at a CEO and the CEO will smile back.

But some things that you can practice a little bit at home, and then use them socially will get you MUCH MORE than a one-to-one return.

Things are the things that subconsciously demonstrate high status.

Which means people will treat you AS IF you are very high status.

And once THAT self-sustaining loop gets going, you've got it made.

Learn How:


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