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One thing our brain does very, very well is take shortcuts.

Our brains are VERY fast, but that does come with a cost.

All things come with a cost.

The cost for how fast our brains are is how inaccurate they are.

As much as we love thinking we are "right," most of the time, we aren't.

One way to think about this that our brains aren't really "truth seeking entities," rather they are "perception chambers" that are more of a means to an end.

In some ways, our lives are much less chaotic today than when our mind-body systems were calibrated.

But in other ways, they are WAY more chaotic.

For direct survival, like staying safe, getting food, keeping out of the elements, life is much EASIER.

But for managing our social instincts, and getting into happy romantic and sexual situations, life is WAY more complicated.

But we STILL have our fast thinking, largely inaccurate brains.

Luckily we can us that to our advantage.

If you want to master the social game, you can spend TONS of time learning to read and interpret various signals.

You can learn some powerful inter-personal communication skills.

To keep track of what's going on up on the surface, as well as the complex and subconscious emotional interplay going on much deeper.

And from this angle, life is very much like a never ending video game.

Master one level, and move up to the next level.

And every next level, you've got to pretty much start all over again.

This is a worthy endeavor.

This can be a very ENJOYABLE endeavor.

If you are an outgoing, people person who loves to get in there and mix it up with strangers, this can be a fine hobby, and a fine career.

But just like video games, there are plenty of hacks.

One thing all human brains are hard wired to see is both social proof and authority.

As much as we won't like to accept this, most us won't do squat without enough social proof.

And most of the ideas in our brains come from recognized authority figures.

Tons of psychological studies, going back decades, verify this.

If you are trying to sell something, and you have neither social proof NOR authority, it's going to be tough.

But if you have not only social proof and authority, but also scarcity, you can sell people boxes of dirt to people and they'll be grateful.

So, what's the "hack?"

Certain behavioral elements RADIATE authority.

And this authority will generate its own social proof.

And once people "feel you" as an authority, and they see all the other social proof people who also see you as an authority, this will create scarcity.

After all, there is only one YOU.

And this "hack" does not require you spend years working your way up the various levels.

You can START at the top.

Learn How:


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