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The human mind is incredibly powerful.

In many, many more ways that we'll probably ever understand.

One way is how our memory works.

Sure, for things like taking tests and remember names, our memory kind of sucks.

But consider that it wasn't really meant to be a simple input-output device.

It was meant to be a motivating device.

A learning device.

You saw somebody doing something, and you wanted to copy them.

So you kept them memory as a guide, as you tried to get the same outcome.

Since we're focused on OUTCOME, rather than a perfect copy of the performance, we don't need to have a perfect memory of what we saw.

Only a "sort of" memory of what we saw.

Only a starting point.

The REAL goals it to copy how they got what they got.

This how humans have been operating since the dawn of time.

Monkey see, monkey do.

But our memory also works as a kind of prediction device.

When we go into any NEW situation, our brains have to sort through ALL our memories and find out HOW to "feel" about the current situation.

This is where confidence comes from.

If you have plenty of memories of success, then you get a "I've got this" feeling.

If you have ZERO idea how to proceed, you'll get a "Go slowly and carefully" feeling.

The first we describe as confidence.

The second we describe as anxiety.

Normally, anxiety is fine.

It's simply an emotional to help us be on high alert for any potential danger.

The only time anxiety is bad is when we don't want to feel it.

Normally, when it comes to most behaviors, the only way to replace anxiety with confidence is with slow changes in behavior.

If you suck at cooking, and you think about cooking for an upcoming dinner party, you'll feel anxious.

If you take some time to practice cooking, you'll slowly shift that anxiety into confidence.

For most skills and behaviors, practice the particular skill and behavior is really the ONLY way to shift from anxiety to confidence.

Most, but not all.

Social skills are the exception.

Social skills involve human hierarchies.

And most people practice at one level, feel confident, move up to the next level, etc.

But you don't have to do this.

You CAN start at the top.

How do you do this?

By specifically practicing skills, exercises and thinking patterns of people who are already at the top.

How can you tell WHO is at the top of the social status hierarchy?

It's pretty easy.

The one doing most of the talking is on top.

The folks doing most of the listening are not.

But if you practice all the separate characteristics of those on top, you'll start to naturally and subconsciously radiate that "on top" energy.

Kind of like a secret hack.

Learn More:


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