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How To Flow Like A Dream


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Way back when I was in high school, my buddies and I loved the movie, "Mad Max."

Not the Road Warrior, which came up back when I was in high school.

But the original, part one, Mad Max.

With a then completely unknown Mel Gibson.

On some of the tapes we'd get, they would dub over his native Australian accent with an American one.

My buddies were serious motor heads.

They LOVED the part where Max saw his car for the first time.

With the "blower."

The part that would force air into the cylinders, and give his car some extra oomph.

When he was chasing bad guys, he'd have a secret switch on to turn on the nitrous oxide injection.

Another way to get more "power" in his engine.

One of my personal favorite scenes was when Max was looking at his engine the first time.

And he kind of went into a "trance."

Staring at the engine, with its blower and massive power.

You can hear some guy in the background, who was noticing the tranced out look on Max's face as he was impressed by the engine.

"He's in a coma, man!"

Meaning his "consciousness" was turned off.

That he was so entranced by this magnificent engine, his brain was so focused, he no longer was paying attention to anything going on around him.

When psychologists study this effect, particularly in sports, they call it the "flow state."

When a highly trained athlete is so "on" during any competition, their conscious mind becomes a barely conscious, "watcher," enjoying the performance.

This same thing happens when you're in a conversation with a close friend, or even if you're in deep rapport with somebody you've just met.

The words are flowing back and forth, without needing any kind of thought.

When you conscious mind is merely watching and enjoying the process.

Kind of like a line from a Beastie Boys song:

"Like a dream I'm flowin' without no stoppin', sweeter than a cherry pie with ready whip toppin'..."

The line, of course, describes what it's like to be in the "flow state" while spontaneously rhyming on stage or on the mic.

This is the height of human potential.

The flow state.

Where you are interacting with others in some way, conversationally, or competitively, and your conscious mind takes a back seat.

To watch and enjoy this rare but extremely hypnotic state.

And if you've ever gotten close to this state, or if you're a coach and you see your players getting close to state, you know it's much more of letting go.

You can't really DO anything to get closer to this state.

It's a matter of letting go and trusting your unconscious.

The one thing that will KILL this, and stop it before it's even started is anxiety.

Get rid of anxiety, and put yourself into a coma, man!

Learn How:



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