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 Would it be possible to make a recording where all four voices are saying the same thing at the same time and then go on to the next statement?


 I have heard that this is something they do in Louise L Hay workshops (only with real people) that is supposedly very effective.

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It would be possible, and I'd need specific affirmations, topic, etc, but I don't think it would be as effective.


The purpose is to bypass the conscious mind (overwhelm) and go straight into the unconscious, for reprogramming.


If it were possible for somebody to simply say affirmations to you, there would be no need for hypnosis, or subconscious programming. People would just be able to give each other advice and it would stick. Like "stop smoking" or "lose weight" or "start making money."


We humans usually have much deeper issues that aren't addressed by surface level affirmations.


These are different than the way most affirmations are used/taught/


But if that's what you'd like, put it up in the request section, and I'll get to it.

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