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Brain Butterfly Effect


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Chaos theory is a cool concept.

It's based on the idea that we humans don't have the math to predict pretty much anything.

Like weather for example.

Weather is bound by multiple, interdependent variables.

One of the variables, say, humidity, changes.

And that in turn changes all the rest.

Temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, etc.

Before they discovered chaos theory, they got excited when they started building really powerful computers.

They figured they would be able to predict the weather with much more accuracy.


They set the initial conditions, and then let the computer run a simulated weather pattern.

In computer time it was a few minutes, but it simulated a week or so in real time.

Then they changed the initial conditions a TINY bit.

The resulting weather pattern a week out was WAY different.

This is where they got the butterfly effect from.

That a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil might create a hurricane in Texas a couple weeks later.

Or, one TINY change can create a MASSIVE outcome a few weeks later.

The more variables there are, the more of a massive outcome you can create with only some TINY changes.

This happens both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of our brains.

Let's say you're looking across the room at a cute girl.

She looks at you BRIEFLY.

And you make an ASSUMPTION about what just happened.

And that assumption reminds you of all the similar things that happened in the past, real or imagined.

This one ASSUMPTION about what she MEANT is the butterfly flapping its wings.

The anxiety that comes up a few seconds later is the Texas hurricane.

Your brain is VERY, VERY, fast.

But very, very inaccurate.

So it's EASY to create this "brain-butterfly effect."

In fact, you may even consider that MOST of the assumptions we make, are wrong.

Especially SOCIAL assumptions.


Because social safety is of CRITICAL importance.

And our brains have a "better safe than sorry" mechanism built in.

And we are surrounded by TONS of social signals.

Looks, glances, etc.

So it's very easy misinterpret what's going on around you, and then create a Texas hurricane inside your brain.

Luckily, we can leverage this to our benefit.

When you MISUNDERSTAND the data, it's based on what you ASSUME, not only about the present, but about all the things that happened in the past.

Which means if you RE-PROGRAM your memories of what happened, you can create a much more positive Brain Butterfly effect.

The re-programming takes time, and is pretty boring.

But the result will be FANTASTIC.

Because you'll BE the butterfly.

Landing on every pretty flower you see.

Learn How:


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