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There's a kind of popular self help saying that, "the wake doesn't drive the boat."

Which kind of means that what happened before doesn't necessarily impact what is going to happen in the future.

And like many easy to remember and repeat "truisms" this one is too vague to be of any use.

If you were actually driving a boat, you wouldn't even care about the wake.

You point the ship or boat where you want to go, and steer accordingly.

But humans are not boats.

Human memory is very important.

And our entire personality is made up of what happened to us in the past.

The stuff we remember.

If you had your heart shattered by a redhead in junior high school, that WILL impact your future.

That traumatic event will create a "cause-effect" link in your brain between emotional trauma and red heads.

For example, you might end up "Chasing Amy" for the rest of your life.

This comes from a movie of the same name.

That theory being that EVERYBODY has a first "lost love."

And that we spend the rest of our lives trying to FIND the one who got away.

So yeah, our "wake" DOES have a HUGE impact on our future.

Or at least according to our automatic programming.

Lucky for us, we can OVERRIDE our automatic programming.

Few people will ever tell you this.

Because few people will benefit from you changing how you reference your past, so you can have a much, much better future.

Many people would LOVE for you to stay stuck.

It's much better from a "misery loves company" frame of mind.

But the LESS misery you feel, with respect to life and your future, the BETTER company you'll tend to find.

So, how specifically can you "change your past"?

Well you don't actually go back in time.

But you can reference WHAT you use in your past.

The meaning you give to those events.

Think of it this way.

Every second our brains are getting hit with tons of data.

Our filters have to filter out the important stuff from the junk.

And since that is raw data, we have to give some kind meaning to that data.

This is the mechanism that CREATES our past.

Stuff comes through our filters.

We give it meaning, good or bad.

And we REMEMBER this "augmented" data stream.

So this memory stream, this "wake" that makes up our past is how the "then" we DEFINED that data.

Which means we can RE-DEFINE it to mean whatever we want.

So yes, the wake DOES have a huge impact on the boat.

AND yes, you can CHANGE your wake.

You can change how you reference your past.

Which means you can change your future.

Or create a much better future than what you may think is possible.

Learn How:


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