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It can be argued that the main source of all modern problems is instinct mismatch.

Our instincts, that were calibrated for a much different environment are not well suited for our modern life.

Back in the day, eating as much as you can, whenever you could, so long as it tasted good was a FINE strategy.

Those who had this instinct would survive every well.

They were always hungry, always tasting thing, and when they found something that tasted GOOD, they are as much of it as they could.

This "good taste" was calibrated with food that had nutritional value.

Meaning the lucky ancient guys who had the lucky genes that made meat and animal fat taste good, survived.

Those unlucky folks who thought that tree bark and dirt tasted good did not.

But today, that "eat anything that tastes good" instinct will kill you.

Consider that a corollary to the "all pain due to instinct mismatch" theory for modern success.

In order to better manage your thinking and behaviors, it's a matter of understanding and managing your instincts.

Of thinking and planning what you want to do, rather than being led by your instincts.

One way our instincts mess us up is how we imagine things.

Way back in the day, the top alpha got most of the sex.

So naturally, everybody wanted to BE the top dog.

But since our BRAINS are our best feature, and not our claws or our speed or our ferocious yell, we competed with our brains.

Hunting was much more BRAIN than BRAWN.

You had to outthink, out smart, and out CONSPIRE against the things you wanted to kill and eat.

Who ever could THINK their way into a big kill would be the alpha.

And that best THINKER would get the most sex.

A very closer modern approximation of that is a quarterback.

Forgetting about coaches and memorized plays, just the appearance reminds of us of the ancient alpha.

The QB has to read the defense.

The QB has to make split decisions in the face pressing danger.

The QB is the guy calling the shots.

So when ancient men laid awake under the stars at night, the were trying to OUT THINK each other.

They each wanted the same thing, for the same reward.

They wanted to come up with the BEST PLAN to find something to kill.

Every night was a kind of private, "fantasizing contest."

Every day was a continuous "QB contest."

The winners got EVERYTHING.

Today, like most of our other instincts, we get it backwards.

Today, we use our powerful brains to imagine all the things that could go wrong.

This is not natural.

This is not normal.

This is also not such a big deal.

Because once you RE-CALIBRATE your fantasizing brain, you can get out there and GET SOME.

Learn How:


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