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The Harry Potter Pleasure Reframe


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One of my favorite "reframes" is near the end of the last Harry Potter book.

Harry is dead, or he thinks he's dead.

His mentor, Dumbledore, appears to him.

And in an all white, heavenized version of the train station, Dumbledore explains everything to the bewildered Harry.

Then Harry asks:

"Is this real? Or is this my imagination?"

Dumbledore replies with the wizard reframe:

"Of course it's your imagination! But that doesn't mean it isn't real!"

If you've ever been to a stage hypnotist show, they can get people to do some goofy things.

Respond to hallucinations as if they were real.

To imagine seeing everybody in the audience naked.

To imagine hearing voices come out of their watches or jewelry.

To momentarily forget our base 10 number system that has been with us since we started counting on our ten figures, and believe there IS no number "3."

Please count to ten, says the hypnotist.

One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

They say, wondering why everybody in the audience is laughing.

Our brains are POWERFUL hallucination chambers.

Every single thing that exists was once an IMAGINATION in somebody's brain.

Sure, most of them were close copies, or small improvements over what existed.

But they were imaginations nonetheless. 

Like everything else, this can work for us, or this can work against us.

You can use your driving skills to drive an ambulance, or a get away car.

You can use a hammer to build a children's playground or to become a horrific serial killer.

You can use your brain to imagine wonderful things, that will propel you into a much brighter and better future.

Or you can imagine horrific demons keeping your trapped.

When you see the cute lady across the room, which do you imagine?

Her smiling and laughing and having a good time?

Smiling wickedly as she "accidentally" brushes up against your junk?

Or that same face screaming while she kicks you in the nuts?

Thinking of potential outcomes is kind of like martial arts.

We have a base, instinctive, fighting skill.

Untrained, we look like spastic morons flailing about hopelessly.

Like whenever senators get into fights.

But trained, you can become an efficient killing machine.

Your brain is the same.

Untrained, you tend to imagine the worst, and keep yourself stuck.

But trained, you can be a relentless seduction machine.

Or a relentless pleasure creating machine.

Or a relentless salesperson, easily talking yourself into fortune after fortune.

This is where self help falls apart.

Most people think that switching from bad thinking to good thinking can be learned in an instant.

It cannot.

No more than you can switch from a spastic flailing goof to an efficient killing machine in a weekend seminar.

But if you take the time to slowly practice, to slowly improve yourself, isn't that worth it?

To go from where you are now, to a sweet talking master of love?

A giver of pleasure to all you encounter?

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