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Is Your Child Self Holding You Back?


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One of the biggest problems of modern society is most humans are under developed.

We were calibrated in a much different environment.

A much harsher environment.

A, "if you don't kill, you don't eat" environment.

Under those ancient, harsh conditions, humans were forced to grow up as quickly as possible.

To take responsibility as quickly as possible.

Today it's the opposite.

Today, we are brainwashed from birth to stay as helpless as possible.

To develop as LITTLE self-responsibility as possible.

This is where all anxiety comes from.

When we are very young, we want something, and the ONLY way to get it is to ask.

Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't.

Every human, by the time we start elementary school, has been told "no" a kajillion times.

As a kid, living in the "please give me..." childhood mindset, this sucks.

Going through life thinking you need to ask others to give you stuff is horrible.

This is the source of all anxiety.

We want something, and we try to figure out how to get it.

From the childhood mindset, the ONLY strategy is to ASK somebody to please give it to us.

We feel that way on job interviews.

We feel that way when asking the boss to go home early.

We feel that way when asking for a cute guy or girls phone number.

Many even feel a tinge of anxiety when asking for a special order from a restaurant.

This is so prevalent in so many people, and old ad "jingle" from Burger King was, "special orders don't upset us."

This was to make it easier for grown, adult humans, to walk into a business, with cash, to ask for a "special order."

As if we are bunch of Oliver Twists being super nervous when asking for more gruel.

"Please, sir, may I have some more?"

When you shift into the adult mindset, everything changes.

Anxiety vanishes.

You don't ask for anything.

You show up, see what they got, show what you've got, and see what's up.

The childhood mindset, in a job interview is begging and pleading and saying things like, "Please give me this chance!"

Notice the "please give me" strategy.

The adult mindset in a job interview is the opposite.

I've got skills.

Plenty of people would gladly pay for my skills.

Why are the benefits of working for this company?

We are all stuck in the childhood mindset because our environment doesn't FORCE us, like it used to, into the adult mindset.

So you'll need to do it yourself.

Learn How:


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