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How To Control Your Fate


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Most of "game" is reversed engineered from folks who are naturally successful.

Most of sales is reversed engineered from folks who are naturally successful.

This idea, of copying what works, is as old as time.

The first guy who invented a spear probably copied from somewhere else.

Maybe he was chasing some deer, the deer tripped and accidentally impaled himself on a tree branch.

Then the cave guy thought:

"Damn! Why didn't I think of that!"

He tried it, and it worked.

Everybody else copied him.

Then one guy thought about combining a rock with a stick, and made the first "blade on a stick."

Everybody copied that, and here we are a million years later.

So it IS a very, very good strategy to copy what others are doing that works.

But when it comes to game and sales, it's a lot more than what we see.

In fact, a "truism" from an old school economist from the 1800's (Bastiat if you're interested) is very, very helpful:

It's not what you see, it's what you don't see.

Of course, he was talking about economics.

And he was talking about long chains of invisible cause-effect.

X happens, which causes Y to happen, which causes Z to happen, but only under certain circumstances.

But all we see is the X and then, sometimes, a little bit later Z.

You need to see all the stuff going on the middle to TRULY understand.

And when it comes to game, and to a larger extent all sales and persuasion, what you DON'T see is much, much more important.

This is something a lot of people don't like to even think about.

Because what you DON'T see is a function if inner game.

The stuff few people think about, for ANY reason.

Because inner game is all about confidence, or lack of confidence.

Beliefs, deep feelings of inadequacy, all the deep subconscious things running in the background that we never even notice.

This is what Jung was getting at when he talked about making the unconscious conscious.

That unless we make the unconscious conscious, it will run our lives, and we will call it fate.

This is externalizing in a nutshell.

We try to get an outcome, and we fail.

We blame things OUTSIDE of us.

The world, the gods, fate.

But the things driving our behaviors are INSIDE us.

All the things that we might describe as INNER GAME.

Understand this part of you, understand EVERYTHING.

Instead of copying a lot of outer game techniques, and trying to come up with a huge memorized checklist, solving inner game is MUCH EASIER.

Re-calibrate your inner game, and all outer game, in ALL situations will become natural, automatic, and much more effective.

Get Started:


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