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I used to have this boss that everybody hated.

She was the owner of the small company, one she inherited.

I'd only worked there a year, but even in that time the business had shrunk.

I don't know what the deal was between her and the previous partner, but she didn't have much of a clue about business, or general life in general.

She'd make really bad decisions, and get angry if people would try and explain to her why they were bad decisions that would cost EVERYBODY money.

For example, she had a rule that we had to ALWAYS upsell the customers.

Which we never did, since the stuff she wanted us to upsell was utter crap.

And we all knew that if we tried to upsell customers, even REPEAT customers, they would STOP being customers.

Even then, when she found out we were not upselling, she'd get angry.

One time I ALMOST lost it with her.

Like scream out loud lost it.

But I bit my tongue.

I was working a project that had a very tight deadline.

But I was using the main office computer.

(This was over 10 years ago).

I was using both Excel and Word, and a LOT of data.

But she interrupted me, wanting to do something else WHILE I was doing what I was doing.

She wanted to burn a bunch of CDs or something.

She said it wasn't a big deal, since it would work in the "background."

I tried to explain that "in the background" meant we had to SHARE the processor.

Which would make my task take much longer.

But she wouldn't have it.

Every time I'd try to do a hefty calculation, my spreadsheet would freeze.

But because she couldn't see her process, she thought it didn't have any impact on the stuff I was doing.

Worst part was I had to sit RIGHT NEXT to her while my task, which should have only taken 20 minutes, took nearly two hours.

When bosses don't understand what their employees go through, it can create some office turmoil.

When bosses aren't driven by customers, but their own ego, it can create office turmoil.

When you're trying to do something on your PC, but it keeps freezing, because there's a CRAPTON of stuff going on in the background, it can create turmoil.

But this same CRAP happens inside your brain.

You see something you'd like.

Part of you wants to go and get it.

Part if you is afraid to.

Those two parts start an argument.

In the BACKGROUND of your mind.

So, what does this do to your PERFORMANCE?


Just like my spreadsheet.

But if you clean house, get rid of all the horrible, second guessing bosses that live in your subconscious, and all the sticky BLOATWARE that exits in your brain, EVERYTHING will improve.

Your performance.

Your mental speeds.

Your linguistic and perceptual acuity.

Your ability to REALLY understand what other people are saying and respond accordingly.

It's like getting a brand new brain!

Learn How:


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