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Externalizing is a useful instinct.

To blame things outside of ourselves for our failures.

We can do an imaginary split test and see why.

Imagine two hunters, going after two animals.

Two different valleys, but otherwise the same.

They both throw their spears and they both miss.

The guy WITHOUT the externalizing instinct has a very OBJECTIVE description of what just happened.

He realizes his spear throwing abilities are not what they could be.

Sure, he'll still go after that animal.

But he'll do so with the realization that he needs to work on his skills.

Now imagine the second guy.

WITH the externalizing instinct.

The one that IMMEDIATELY blames things outside himself for "his" failures.

He throws and spear, and misses.

But he gets ANGRY not at himself, at that animal.

That ANGER makes him try again a little bit QUICKER.

With a little bit more motivation, fueled by that anger.

Over a few hundred generations, people with the externalizing instinct would tend to survive better.

So here, we are, a few million years later.

We STILL have that same instinct.

Like many of our other instincts they CAN mess us up today.

Like hunger.

If your only criteria for food was that it tasted good, you'd be in bad shape.

But you know you've successfully managed your hunger instinct many times before.

You've successfully managed plenty other instincts before.

This is the prime skills of an enlightened human.

To NOT be driven mindlessly by instincts.

To make rational choices.

This externalizing instinct is no different.

But this can present itself in insidious ways.

Especially when combined with FALSE ideas we picked up when we were young.

This is what drives MOST limiting beliefs.

We all have plenty of memories of trying to express ourselves, and getting shut down.

This creates some very POWERFUL limiting beliefs.

We try to express ourselves, and we fail.

Then we come up with an externalized reason.

Even worse is we find plenty of others with those SAME externalized reasons.

This creates social proof.

If our social group is large enough (social media, etc.) they're be a few AUTHORITY figures.

Now we've got social proof, authority, false beliefs from childhood AND the externalizing instinct.

Unless you bring all these ideas up to the conscious level, and dismantle them, these can keep you trapped.

Inside a cage of your own making.

Or you can get to work.

And take apart this cage.

And live your life the way you want.

Learn How:


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