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Eliminate Fear Before You Start


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There are a lot of sayings in the self development area that are kind of true.

But there are also some that are dangerous.

One of them is about fear.

"Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain."

This CAN be helpful if it gives you the motivation to move forward.

But it's also a bit too vague.

From a purely biological point of view, you don't really "kill" fear when you "do the thing you fear."

You do something that's scary.

This creates a lot of adrenaline.

That adrenaline CAN be a good feeling.

But ONLY if you succeed.

The adrenaline response fuels the fight of flight response.

Fighting or running away takes a long time.

So any time we do something that SEEMS scary, our biology is going to respond as if it IS scary.

And if the length of the scary thing is short, AND we are successful, then we'll get a positive adrenaline rush.

Jumping out of an airplane, for example.

The fear is REAL.

The adrenaline that comes from jumping is VERY STRONG.

But the time it takes to reach "terminal velocity" when you STOP accelerating, is very short.

So you experience a kind of "floating" sensation while that adrenaline is still flowing.

This is the basic "thrill seeker" high.


The adrenaline response that comes EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Or consider something that's only dangerous from an "imagination" level.

Public speaking.

There is ZERO danger.

But because it feels dangerous, your ancient instincts respond as if it IS dangerous.

So when you give a decent speech, get some genuine applause, that FEELS fantastic.

But this fantastic feeling only comes if you TAKE ACTION and that action is SUCCESSFUL.

This doesn't work very well in social situations.

At least not as binary as jumping out of airplanes or giving speeches.

Even if you give a lousy speech at a friendly place, you'll still get that adrenaline rush.

That rush that comes from POWERING through the fears.

But when you walk up and talk to somebody, it's a different animal.

It's NOT just a matter of turning off your brain and getting it done.

You NEED your brain.

You need to listen and respond appropriately.

This is when the "feel the fear and do it anyway" idea is LOUSY advice.

If you're "feeling the fear" you won't come across as confident and relaxed.

Being confident and relaxes is IDEAL in social situations.

A better way would be to KILL the fear before you even start.

So you FEEL confident, relaxed.

Where you'll be the most effective, conversationally.

How do you do that?

Learn How:


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