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Sexy Library Chocolate Pattern


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What does humor and hypnosis have in common?

A very similar linguistic structure.

Most people never think much about language.

We learn it, we use it and that's that.

But studying the structure of language can give you a huge advantage.

One, because the structure of language IS the structure of thought.

When you speak not only articulately but entertainingly, people will make a LOT of assumptions about you.

Most of them subconscious.

They'll assume, subconsciously, that your brain is as interesting as your language.

And having an interesting brain will open a lot of doors.

Doors into other people's minds, their thoughts, their dreams, and their futures.

All brains have an attention span.

Kind of like Lucy and Ethel while they were working for the chocolate factory.

If you have no idea what that means, I Love Lucy was a TV show way back in the fifties.

And one of the episodes is one of the BEST episodes of TV History, according to TV guide.

Once upon a time there was no streaming movies, no Internet, only TV.

And TV Guide was THE authority on all things TV.

Anyhow, Lucy and Ethel found themselves working on a chocolate candy production line.

The chocolate would go by slowly, and they'd have to take them off, quickly wrap them, and then put them back.

If they went unwrapped, they'd both get in big trouble.

Of course the chocolates started off slowly.

Then it kept getting faster and faster.

Pretty soon they were shoving the chocolates in their mouths to keep from getting into trouble.

This is like most people's brains.

People talk, and we see a kind of stream of ideas flowing by.

Most people talk about pretty simple, mostly second hand ideas.

So not only are they familiar, but they move by pretty slowly.

But when you understand the similar structure between hypnosis and humor, you can have a lot of FUN with people.

One trick is ambiguity.

This is when one thing, a word or a phrase, can mean two different things.

For words, this is the source off all playground riddles.

Why did the boy study on the airplane?

He was in high school.

What starts with "e," ends with "e" but only has one letter?

An envelope.

What did the beach say when the tide came in?

Long time no sea.

But you can stretch out other ambiguities when speaking longer stories.

Like when you use a bunch of pronouns, and it's not clear who they are referring to.

Like the other day, I was in the library talking to the librarian and her cute friend.

She was telling her how her sister went to see this psychic who had a lot of sexual energy.

She was reading her aura and she said that you have a lot of potential sex in your future, but only if you pay attention to this.

Then she looked at me and told me about how she started to find evidence of this kind of sexual energy everywhere.

Then they both looked at me and smiled.

And asked me if I wanted to know more.

Of course I said yes.

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