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All the backing brainwaves are the same, so they won't cancel each other out. The same frequencies will be in each ear, just louder.


So long as you can hear that there IS a bunch of people whispering, you'll be fine.


HOWEVER, some people report it's harder to "notice" changes with many voices, and I suspect it's because ALL OF THEM are being delivered to the subconscious, so they conscious doesn't think to "look" for success, where only four voices can still be heard consciously, so it's easier to remember to "look" for results.


So if you DO listen to many voices, it's a good idea to consciously read through the suggestions at least once a day, and then LOOK FOR PROOF in your reality that they are coming true.


It sounds strange, but it IS common to make changes,  NOT NOTICE THEM, and then think that nothing's happened.

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