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Little Known Alpha Trait


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We like people with strong frames.

This is as instinctive as liking food that tastes good.

We like people who are confident that they can handle things that come up.

But unfortunately, there are very few people like this in real life.

And the "alpha types" in the movies are almost always incorrectly written.

Very serious, never smiling, always scowling, kind of a brooding, loner type.

What would a REAL alpha be like?

Let's imagine this from an ancient, instinctive perspective.

Alpha, of course, is a leader.

The guy who figures out what to do.

The guy who makes sure EVERYBODY is taken care of.

The guy you can approach and ask for help if you need to.

The guy who makes sure that the team brings home the food.

And that they are all safe.

And the alpha is the guy who inspires the tribe.

The guy who motivates them to do the scary stuff.

Like an ideal football coach.

Not mean, not a pushover, but a guy who wants you to win, and wants you to win by stepping up.

I had a friend that was a baseball coach.

He had a very clever way of testing his players to see if they were in "game mode."

For example, if he had a pitcher that was struggling, he'd walk out to the mound.

He wanted to test his frame of mind.

If he was relaxed and confident, he would pass the test.

If was too nervous, too worried to concentrate, he wouldn't pass the test.

What was the test?

A simple joke.

The kind jokes baseball players tell each other when they are relaxed, and clowning.

Humor is a very, very versatile tool.

He would watch the pitcher's face, and see how he reacted.

If there was no reaction, he was too stressed.

On the other hand, if he could forget the game just for a second, and laugh, then he was OK.

Consider that a fine sense of humor is a very necessary alpha trait.

If you take yourself too seriously, it's going to give off weird vibes.

A sense of humor can be considered the ULTIMATE alpha trait.


Having a SENSE of humor requires very fine emotionally calibrated intelligence.

You have to know when to listen to somebody they are being serious.

You have to know when their emotions shift, and the right time to deliver a humorous reframe.

Even better is if you can experience your own problems and make jokes about them.

Both to yourself, and to others.

This demonstrates to others that no matter what happens, you won't lose your mental balance.

This is a true definition of leadership.

By effectively being able to lead yourself, you'll easily be able to lead others.

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