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It's very hard for our brains to see structure.

Even when it's pointed out, it's easy to forget.

Like you might take a class in popular music theory.

You might spend a lot of time studying chords and chord progressions.

How chord progressions are constructed.

What it means to have chord-discord etc.

You might spend a lot of time studying what they call the "wheel of fifths."

You might even get into the ancient cult of Pythagoras.

Who noticed, experimentally, that certain ratios sound very, very nice together.

A piece of string, 3x that length, and 5x that length, all vibrating together sound very pleasing.

You may even take a deep dive into philosophy, anatomy and biology, and try to understand, "why" some scales make us feel happy, some sad, some other, very specific emotions.

You can spend an entire CAREER studying stuff like this.

But as soon as your favorite song comes on the radio?

You FORGET all about structure, and focus on content.

The melody, the lyrics, and things you remember while singing along in your car.

It's very HARD to see both structure AND content at the same time.

It's easy to lose yourself in the content.

It's hard to maintain a detached, objective viewpoint when studying structure.

Music structure, story structure, character arc structure.

It's very EASY to lose yourself in a song or a book or even a silly TV show.

This works with humor just as well.

Humor has a structure.

One that can be studied, learned, and improved.

Consider an old Groucho Marx joke:

"Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas, I'll never know!"

If you don't know anything about structure, and you hear that joke, you'll laugh.

And think the common thought of:

"I don't know how people come up with jokes like that."

But once you understand the structure of that joke, you'll never think that again.

Because YOU will be coming up with jokes like that.

Every day if you want.

For example, that "elephant in my pajamas" joke is based on something called "Scope Ambiguity."

In the first sentence, we assume the modifying phrase, "in my pajamas" is applied to the shooter.

But in the second sentence, we find it's applied to the elephant.

Once you understand this structure, you can start writing your own.

Sure, most of them will suck pretty bad.

"Yesterday I had a banana split with my ex girlfriend."

"The banana and ice cream were good, but my ex girlfriend wasn't as delicious as I'd hoped."

But every once in a while, you'll come up with a pretty good one.

Which you can drop in any conversation you want.

For example, that silly ex girlfriend joke can be used any time somebody is talking about getting together with their ex.

Just this one structure, if you practice a few minutes a day, will turn YOUR brain into a comedy goldmine.

How many structures are there?

Enough to keep you busy for a long, long time.

And to give enough material to NEVER run out.

Learn How:


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