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The Sexy Stripper Quotes Pattern


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What's the difference between hypnosis and humor?


The linguistic structures are the same.

Ambiguities, reframing.

You can use ambiguities to fade somebody's brain while telling them a bunch of somewhat disconnected stories.

Ambiguities on the sentence level.

Ambiguities on the structural level.

You have three or four stories on the same kind of theme.

Like overcoming some kind of social anxiety.

You tell four stories all about people who overcame some kind of social anxiety.

But by the time you get to the middle story, their brains are so utterly confused, they just give up.

Especially when you use a deeply embedded quotes pattern.

The first story is about a you talking to a guy.

The second story is a story told to you buy that guy.

Then in that second story, another guy is talking to another guy.

By the time you get to the middle, nobody, except for you, has any clue what is going on.

So in the middle story, with one ambiguous guy talking to another ambiguous guy, you quote one of the guys.

And then YOU say something like this:

And then he looked at him and said:

And YOU tell the person you are talking to in real life whatever you want to say.

Their brains will be so faded, you can look DIRECTLY at them, give them a ton of DIRECT commands, and they'll just nod.

Um... uh... yeah... OK...

Of course, later, when you finish all the loops, they'll forget ALL ABOUT that middle part.

But those commands will be INSIDE their brain.

This is essentially how covert hypnosis is used in therapy.

Fade their brain, drop in a bunch of commands, and everybody lives happily ever after.

All with TONS of layered ambiguity.

Which story you are telling, who's saying what to whom, and sentence level ambiguities like "lack of referential index."

The lack of referential index is a FANTASTIC party trick.

You introduce a few people.

Then later you refer to those same people but only with pronouns.

So nobody knows WHO you are referring to.

And if you set up the people, and what they are doing correctly and THEN refer to them with pronouns, you can use the quotes pattern to put some CRAZY things in the middle.

For example:

The other day I met this crazy girl at this bar downtown.

She and her two friends were telling me about this bachelor party one of her friends worked at, lots of sexy strippers and customers.

Then she looked and me and told me how she would always look directly at people and say:

"You have no idea how much CRAZY SEX we are going to have!"

"You have no idea of the secret sex tricks I know that can give you a four hour orgasm!"

"Do you believe that?"

Because you set it up with so many "interesting" people, and surrounded that middle part about sex with a whole slew of confusing pronouns, whoever you say this to will have a happily spinning brain.

That's the COOL thing about all these linguistic patterns.

You can put them together in some very clever ways.

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