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The Multiple Orgasm Psychologist Pattern


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Some the easiest to understand concepts are often the best.

Or they CAN be the best, if we look deeper inside them.

But since they are so easy, we "think" we've got them figured out.

Rapport is a fantastic example.

It's easy to understand, and easy to do.

So easy we forget.

Once we start talking to somebody, it's very easy to "forget" all the technical details.

ESPECIALLY if we are flowing and having a good time.

This is very much like eating.

Another INSTINCTIVE pleasure.

We start eating something that tastes good, and our brains turn off.

But if you can manage to remember to at least check for rapport, just knowing where you are can help.

Another VERY POWERFUL and very underutilized "trick" is the quotes pattern.

This, like rapport, is very easy to understand.

And because it's very easy to understand, it's equally easy to discount as a one-trick gimmick.

But this simple technique CAN be used with AMAZING success.

Because within the quotes pattern, you can deliver almost anything to anybody, and never get into any trouble.

It works PARTICULARLY well if the person you quote is any kind of recognized authority.


Say you're at a party, and you're in a group with two other guys (assuming you're a guy, switch the genders however appropriate) and three girls.

Each of the girls is attractive, but you barely know them.

So, one of the guys is talking about hard it is to date for NON Chads.

Since you are also a non-Chad, you want to give him the following, common sense advice:

That's really a myth.

Women care more about personality than looks.

But saying this DIRECTLY, might be a bit uncomfortable.

Because you're basically telling a group of people, including three cute ladies, what ladies "really" want.

This, of course, might backfire.

Enter the quotes pattern.

Take that same advice, and put it deeply inside a quotes pattern.


You could say, "My friend said that..." 

But nobody knows your friend.

You want to set it up so it's coming from an AUTHORITY figure.

And since you're about to say what "women really want," why not make that authority figure a woman?

And since you're going to use the quotes pattern, why not add some humor?

And sexual innuendo?

And while you say the sex part, you can look DIRECTLY at the three ladies.

So, you say something like this:

"I don't know.

I was at my buddies house and he was watching some talk show.

They had on this Harvard Psychologist, wrote a bunch of books.

She was saying, that based on her research, that what women REALLY want is a guy who is confident.

Not just conversationally, but confident in the sack.

Confident in his ability to GIVE WOMEN PLENTY OF ORGASMS.


I don't know, what do you think about this, ladies?"

Of course, when you say the part in all caps, look directly at the ladies.

This is just ONE way you can use the powerful quotes pattern.

Learn More:


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