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Master Life - Seduction, Health and Money


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Master life - love, health and wealth


Hello, I would like a video to set in my mind that I am really good at seduction, martial arts and bussiness

I create examples with affirmations and questions.


I AM a master seducer
I AM a master pick up artist
I know everything about how to leave a woman to my bed
I am the master of love
I AM a super master of martial arts
I AM the master of my body
I AM the master of my mind
I am the máster of health
My body knows every tequinique of martial arts
I AM a master of bussiness
I AM a master on entrepreneuship
I AM a serial entrepreneuship
I AM a master on marketing
I AM a master on innovation
I am a master of wealth
I know everything about create sucessfull bussiness 
Money works for me
My body is a temple of health and joy
All womans are mine
Why I am so sucessful on seducing  all woman I want?
Why I always get the womans I want into my bed?
Why I am so skilled in martial arts?
Why my body is a example of extremely flexiblity, force, and definition?
Why I am so good on creating bussiness that works automatically?
Why every hour I receive more money?
Why my fortune is increasing infinitely?

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Some people prefer afformations than affirmations because when you question someone about a topic the brain assumes that the topic is already thruth.


But I really dont know what is best, I would like to use both because I think there's differents ways to achieve different objectives!!

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