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Hilarious Airport Tour Disaster


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There are a lot of reasons we like somebody.

Not just guys liking girls or girls liking guys.

But how we subconsciously choose our friends.

The people we end up hanging around at school and work.

The subconscious things they project that we subconsciously pick up on.

The way we kind of "sniff each other out" when we first meet them.

Some new guy or gal is hired at work.

They're introduced around, and we quickly form an opinion.

Then as we continue to work with them, our opinion is either proved correct, or we might need some adjustments.

But there is one trait that is UNIVERSALLY liked.

Not only universally liked but universally craved.

Even without needing to speak.


Once I found myself in Seoul, Korea.

In the airport.

I had about a 12 hour layover.

So I decided to take a tour of the city.

I was on vacation, so I was in exploration mode.

I went through customs, found a half day tour bus and away we went.

We went to all the main museums, historical sites, etc.

It was a small van, and there were about 8 of us.

The last stop was a very gimmicky jewelry shop.

Cheaply made stuff for high prices.

The dude selling the stuff had a very stereotypical salesman energy.

Nobody bought anything, so we got back in the van, to go back to the airport.

Some other guy I'd been "hanging out with" throughout the tour started to make fun of the jewelry sales guy.

So did I.

But he was Asian, (not Korean) and didn't speak any English.

That didn't matter.

Before we were back to the airport, we were both laughing about the last minute attempt for money.

All through gestures and facial expressions.

And a shared, universally appreciated humor instinct.

When it comes to humor, there is surface structure, fake humor.

Memorized jokes, etc.

But on a deep, deep level, lives the TRUE humor instinct.

If you radiate a genuine humor instinct, it presupposes a LOT.

It presupposes you have emotional intelligence.

That you can read people well.

That you can measure what kind of humor is appropriate, and what isn't.

It is a very friendly way to share mutual "less than ideal" situations with other people.

A very instinctive way of saying, "Hey, we're all in this together."

If you radiate a genuine sense of humor, both verbally and non verbally, many, many other things will be assumed.

And all of those things they'll assume about you, will be GOOD.

Which means those people you share your deep humor with will enjoy you, appreciate you and WANT you around.

The best part, is this is an instinct.

Which means it can be learned, improved, and strengthened.

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