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About a year or so ago, I bought an instant pot.


Pressure cooker.

Couple of weeks ago, I started using it "boil" eggs.

Learned from some lady on YouTube.

They come out perfectly, every single time.

But it's not like other instant pot recipes.

Most of them, you throw it in, set the timer, and when the timer goes off, it slowly releases the pressure.

Over about ten minutes or so.

So there's no rush.

But with eggs, you have to pay attention.

The instant pot has two ways to release pressure.

Slow and quick.

For eggs, you need quick release.

As soon as the timer goes from 1 to 0, you need to act fast.

Quick release.

Take the eggs out, put them in cold water.

Otherwise, they become hard to peel.

When you flip the lever on top, for quick release, a ton of steam comes shooting out.

Kind of cool.

But even when the steam stops coming out, I still kind of flinch when taking off the lid.

Part of me wonders if the quick release knob is broken, and I'm about to blow myself to smithereens.

Something about pressure is intuitively dangerous.

Too much pressure can cause plenty of problems.

That's why nature has things like volcanoes and geysers.

That pressure has to go somewhere.

High blood pressure can kill you in two basic ways.

Slowly and quickly.

Even metaphorical pressure is horrible.

Pressure from your boss, your spouse, your kids, those bastards who keep sending the past due bills.

Today, there is a lot of different pressure from a lot of different places.

Luckily, in our brains is a pressure relief valve.

Very much like my instant pot.

But if you don't use the pressure relief valve, you'll blow.

Like a volcano.

What is the pressure relief valve?


We humans are genetically programmed to release pressure by making silly jokes.

Even way back in the days of kings and queens, they NEEDED things like court jesters.

Decent comedians make a TON of money because they provide a very VALUABLE service.

Often, laughter really IS the best medicine.

If you can make people laugh, you'll be a valued person.

If you know WHEN to make people laugh, even better.

Even MORE better?

Knowing when to make people laugh, AND being able to do so with SPONTANEOUS humor.

This is why it's called a "sense" of humor.

You can sense when, how and to whom to toss out the silly jokes.

Luckily, humor has a very specific structure.

A very specific LINGUISTIC structure.

Learn this, and you can come up with funny lines, jokes, even long, hilariously entertaining stories NOBODY has ever heard before.

On the spot.

Learn How:


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