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A customer approached me today and said 

I noticed you talking to another customer and 

you guys seem to have something? I said we 

had great conversations sure. The customer 

approaching me I feel was actually jealous of 

my conversations with the other customer. This 

customer attempted to engage me in the same 

kind of way as the other customer but honestly 

I really feel he only wanted the conversation with

me just because maybe he felt left out of the 

previous conversations. I couldn’t find his 

conversations as interesting as the other guys. 
I then wondered why not? What made my 

conversations with the other customer so great? 

Maybe because the other customer treated me

like a celebrity? He said stuff like wow! I am just 

grateful to be  in your presence! Your really boost 

my mood! You really make me feel energized! I 

enjoyed being treated like a celebrity. Especially 

since I have never been treated like a celebrity 

before. Is that what made the difference in the 

conversation you think? I just finished reading 

story telling magic.




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