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One of the curious things about our brains is the difference between structure and content.

Our brains are essentially pattern recognition devices.

But most of the time this happens subconsciously.

In the background.

For example, imagine a bunch of ancient cavemen hanging around next to some tall brown grass.

And in that tall grass was a lion sneaking up on them.

Their subconscious is ALWAYS scanning for patterns and structures.

Their subconscious would see the lion's hair mixed in with the tops of the grass.

It would send them a, "something's not quite right signal."

They might get a little nervous, but not know why.

Maybe their heartbeat would increase.

Maybe they'd start subconsciously glancing at the grass more often.

But their subconscious would on HIGH alert.

Whenever it was sure that the lion was there, it would send their conscious brains a very STRONG danger signal.

Conversation would stop.

Their brains would be given a very strong signal:


They'd see it, and they'd run.

Likely before they even knew what was happening.

For most people, this will NEVER be a conscious process.

Most people will go their ENTIRE lives thinking that ONLY content exists.

Few people will ever realize that all chord progressions in western music are identical.

Few people will ever see the similar structure in movies, even between sappy romantic comedies and epic hero movies.

But if you DO train your mind to see structure, where others ONLY see content, you'll have  HUGE advantage.

But this is only the beginning.

Sure, it's fun to see movie structure, song structure, even language structure.

But the MONEY (literally) and the SEX (usually) is in understanding the structure of thought.

If you are selling anything, or seducing anybody, or even trying to cheer up a buddy, doing it via thought structure is SIMPLE.

Doing it with a brain to brain content transfer is DIFFICULT.

It's like having a crying baby, yet not knowing WHY they are crying.

So you MUST try a whole bunch of different things.




Who knows!

But with people that can think and talk, it's not just about finding about what's wrong and fixing it.

It's about finding out what's good and making it BETTER.

This is the BEST PART.

Solving problems is binary.

Identify it, solve it, and get back to whatever you are doing.

But increasing good feelings can keep going.

As long as you want.

Or at least until they pay you or beg to sleep with you.

How do you do this?

By understanding the structure of their brain.

Not by trying the "fix the baby" strategy of tossing different content and see what works.

But by expanding THEIR content.

Bigger and bigger and bigger.

Until they BEG YOU to seal whatever deal needs sealing.

Learn More:


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