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The Secret Love Mental Structure


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There's one structure that, if you start looking for it, you'll find this everywhere.

Not only will you find this everywhere, but this simple structure is about as close to success strategy as you'll find.

If not in and of itself, but a very necessary requirement to any kind of success.

Money, sex, love, genuine social validation and status, etc.

The structure involves delayed gratification.

Not just for the sake of delaying gratification.

But under an "acquired taste" structure.

For example, suppose you have an extra $200 every month after you pay your bills.

It feels good, in the short term, to spend that money.

It feels crappy, in the short term, to NOT spend that money.

But if you DELAY that gratification long enough, the pay off will be enormous.

Buying something feels good.

But for most things, once we buy them, the thrill is gone.

But if you save your money for a few years,  you'll have a lot of money in the bank.

Having that money in the bank is a GOOD FEELING.

A CONTINUOUS good feeling.

This is the structure to look for.

Eating is similar.

Eating now feels good.

Not eating when you are hungry, or eating healthier food when you are hungry doesn't feel NEARLY as good.

But if you can suck it up long enough, you'll get a much different, much deeper good feeling EVERY DAY when you look at yourself in the mirror.

This is the SAME STRUCTURE of an acquired taste.

For example, suppose you hate the taste of boiled chicken breast.

But if you suck it up long enough, you'll soon associate the taste of boiled chicken breast with how good you feel in the mirror.

How good you feel when people are checking you out.

This association happens unconsciously.

This same structure happens with things like coffee and alcohol.

Nobody likes the taste of coffee the first time they drink it.

At least black coffee.

But as soon as you experience that coffee buzz, the same thing happens.

Your unconscious associates that very good coffee buzz feeling with the taste of the coffee.

Alcohol is the same.

There is a very similar, but much, much more powerful acquired taste that goes with social conversations.

There are TWO hurdles, both difficult in their own way.

But on the other side of those two hurdles is GOLD.

Pure LOVE.

What are the hurdles?

The first is social anxiety.

Overcoming this takes a lot of mental rehearsal.

State building exercising.

These are very BORING, but if you do them enough, approaching anybody will be easy.


The second hurdle is to keep your ideas inside your brain.

Only focus on the ideas in their brain.

Bring them out, expand them, make THEM feel fantastic.

REFRAIN from offering your super genius opinions you think they can't live without.

But if take your time, and get over these two hurdles?

The payoff is enormous.

Love, sex, romance, deep friendships, and whatever else you want.

Learn How:


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