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I was thinking that I what I want is to develop the abbility to model sucess things when I see

For example if see a bussiness model that I like I could replicate on my own or If I see someone sucessful I can desconstruct why is he being so sucessful and replicate in me or in my life.



I can model anything
I can replicate any movement
I can replicate any strategy
I can learn anything and aply in myself
Everything I learn I can aplicate in myself
I can model any bussiness model in my life
I can model any sucess strategies
I can model how to get rich
I can model how to get millionaire
I can model how to become Billionaire
I can model any ton of voice 
I Have a super power do descontruct things and learn piece by piece
I learn and replicate faster than any human
I can find any secret just by seeing
I can replicate any techinque
Everything I model I can become a master
Everything I learn from other people I can do best
Everything I see I can do the same or even better
Everything I hear I could do if I want
I love to learn new schills
I love to become better in modelling people
Modelling a person is super easy to me
modelling a good habbit is super easy to me
modelling new techinques is super easy to me
When I learn I descontruct and aplly only the good things for me
When I replicate something I know how to become better with that skill
I can recriate anything i want
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