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When it comes to meeting new people, we have a best case outcome and a worst case outcome.

The best case and the worst case are time dependent.

The increase of one creates a fear of the other.

Because they are two sides of the same coin.

The worst case is rejection.

But not just your average run of the mill, "I have a boyfriend" rejection.

A deep, personal, "I see who you really are and I want nothing to do with you" rejection.

This is the deep fear ALL humans carry around with us.

It is so deep, it is so ever present, most of us have forgotten about it.

It keeps us from talking to the people we want to.

It keeps us from applying for the jobs we'd love.

That deep, persistent feeling that we will tell others about ourselves, they'll understand part of our inner selves, and reject us BECAUSE of this.

This is also the source of self sabotage.

Both in love and in business.

You might have a job that you really like.

You get a promotion.

You are making a lot of money.

But part of you feels like an imposter.

Like one day they are going to find out that they hired the wrong guy.

That YOU don't really DESERVE that.

Or if you're in a relationship.

You're getting closer and closer.

The sex is getting better and better.

But that doubt starts to pop up.

What if she finds out who I REALLY am?

Then she'll run away SCREAMING!

And I'll be ALONE forever!

This is what the Kinks meant in their song, "Destroyer."

"You get a good thing going and you blow yourself out..."

Of course, the flip side is the opposite in EVERY WAY.

They see the REAL YOU and they like you even more BECAUSE of the real you.

This is the source of the romantic "connection."

The one lover who really "gets" the other lover.

The one thing we are ALWAYS looking for.

Somebody SEES us.

Somebody who GETS us.

And because they see, understand and appreciate us, that makes them want US even more.

This is true for EVERY HUMAN.

You, those people you pass by every day on your way to work, and all those super gorgeous people you'd LOVE to interact with.

EVERYBODY has this two sided coin.

Angel on one side, demon on the other.

This gives you a HUGE advantage.

Especially when you learn a very simple technique to talk to people so you will focus ONLY on their angel.

This will give them a sense of conversational pleasure they've NEVER experienced before.

And if you want, (be careful!) you can literally make them fall in love with you.

The best part?

It requires ZERO exposure on your part.

Meaning you can build up THEIR pleasure and desire SO MUCH no matter how terrible you may think you are, they will NEVER want to leave you.

Learn How:


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