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Most strategies aren't really strategies.

They are explanations of desired outcomes.

The reasons for this can be pretty complex.

And you can go way down the rabbit hole trying to figure out why.

For example, whenever politicians try and make promises in order to get elected they always do what marketing experts recommend.

They "sell the sizzle."

They say things like, "bring back jobs."

Or "jump start the economy."

Or "increase the social safety net."

These are all very vague.

Which means they mean different things to different people.

And, nobody ever asks how, specifically, they are going to do those things.

They just sound good.

They make us feel good when we hear them.

They validate us.

They are very carefully crafted marketing messages.

Not plans with any details.

If you're a politician, this is a good strategy.

Usually not for us dumb voters, but it's a useful technique if you ever want to get elected.

But for the rest of us peasants, we need actual strategies.

Imagine if you were on a high school basketball team.

And it was the final game of the season.

A win would send you to the playoffs, and you'd be heroes of the school.

In this situation, you would expect some very specific, step by step instructions from your coach.

Imagine if he said:

"Ok, what I want you to do, is get out there, and score more points than the other team, OK?"

Gee, thanks, coach.

This is the extent of most self help advice.

They are structured very much like political slogans.

They describe an outcome in very vague, but very pleasing "truisms."

Consider the very common "pick up" technique.

Of "demonstrating value."

Now, before we look that complicated sounding word, what do you think when you see somebody you'd like to talk to?

Somebody attractive, who you'd like to think YOU were attractive.

Like most normal people, you think things like:

"I wish she liked me."

"How can I get her to like me?"

Or other similar sentences.

Now compare that common advice of "demonstrating value."

How, specifically, is that phrase DIFFERENT from the more simple, "get them to like you?"

You walk up and try a bunch of different stuff to "get them to like you."

But that term, "demonstrate value" describes the EXACT SAME process.

It's an OUTCOME, not a strategy.

It's not any more helpful than the goofy coach's advice to score more points than the other team.

Now, there ARE plenty of techniques to demonstrate value.

Wear nice clothes.

Get a six pack.

Have some clever stories in your brain.

These all have one thing in common.

You show up, present yourself or demonstrate your skills.

They're supposed to stand there, and VALUE YOU because of how you look, or your performance.

Lucky for us, there IS a much, much easier way.

That doesn't require any goofy value demonstrating techniques.

Instead, it involves finding the value in them.

Something VERY FEW people take the time to do.

Which will not only make you stand out, but stand out by HOW you made them feel fantastic.

Learn How:


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