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How To Eliminate Social Anxiety


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One common piece of advice, if you want to approach an attractive person, is act like they are your friend.

This is slightly different than the "be yourself" advice, but its intentions are the same.

When you are with your friends, you are yourself.

The idea is pretty simple.

When you are yourself, you are your most congruent.

Your brain is working the quickest.

The most uninhibited by social anxiety.

You can respond playfully to your buddies at the highest level of efficiency.

This is the result of being in close rapport.

Being in rapport has many different levels.

But being in rapport with closer friends is about the best you can get.

So when they say, "be yourself," when they approach, it's actually good advice.

And the idea of treating them like a friend is the same thing.

A different means to the same end.

Most normal humans, when they talk to an attractive stranger, are, right out of the gait, much less efficient.

Much less congruent.

We want something, otherwise we wouldn't have approached.

We are nervous, because we might ask and they might say no.

This means unless they see us, and ALREADY have a good idea they'd like to get to know us BEFORE we open our mouths, this strategy is likely to fail.

This is why most people believe that LOOKS are really important.

They only SEEM to be because everybody approaches strangers with a mix of desire, hope, and nervousness.

But this rabbit hole goes even deeper.

Because when you mix hope, anxiety and uncertainty, you also get, as an automatic response from your ancient brain, is a WORST case scenario.

When you approach a friend, you have ZERO of this "energy."

When you approach a stranger that YOU'VE already decided you want to get to know, but mix in worry and anxiety, that creates a nervous frame.

This frame is RESONATED in them.

Even if we don't know people, we get into and out of rapport with strangers ALL THE TIME.

This is a function of our ancient, social animal instincts.

So it's IMPOSSIBLE for them to not pick up on your nervous energy.

Again, this is why people THINK that looks are the most important.

Because really good looks, or outward signs of wealth are the ONLY THINGS that can overcome this common nervousness.

Do you need to be attractive, or wealthy to approach your friends?


And when you approach strangers with this same frame, they'll respond to YOU the same way your friends will.

But it's not as simple as just "being yourself."

But you can practice this frame.

This very strong frame of SELF ACCEPTANCE.

It's just like doing pushups.

It might suck at the beginning, but when you build up the power of this self-acceptance frame, something FANTASTIC will happen.

You really WILL accept yourself.

This means you WILL be yourself, around everybody.

Not only will all social anxiety VANISH, but when you approach, they will feel this non-anxiety, self acceptance energy.

And talking to them will be a piece of cake.

Learn How:


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