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George: another word definition please


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Frame is the "meaning" you put on the "reality" that is happening around you.


Frame Control is holding to your meaning in face of opposition.


A salesman having a conversation with a customer will have a frame that "this conversations means I'm going to sell a product today."


The customer may  have the frame of "this conversation means I'm going to find out some product information today."


Whoever has the STRONGEST frame, the MOST frame control, will usually override the other person's frame with their own frame.


A salesman with weak frame will not make many sales. A salesman with a strong frame will make a lot of sales.


INCREDIBLY STRONG frame control is what makes cult leaders to powerful.


They believe in some crazy stuff, but the STRENGTH of their beliefs, or the STRENGTH of their frame, is what draws people in.


Humans are not drawn to content (the stuff people believe) nearly as much as we are drawn to structure (the frame that holds the content.)


A strong frame will ALWAYS win, regardless of the content.

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