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The Hero Archetype


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The other day I was watching this TV show, "Hell on Wheels."

It's about the early beginnings of the American railroad.

Lots of social issues.

Recently freed slaves working along side whites.

Cutting across territory still "occupied" by natives.

One of the main characters is the typical cowboy archetype.

Maybe 51% good guy, and 49% bad guy.

Kind of like a cowboy Han Solo type.

He was trying to escape a bad, mysterious past, fighting for the South in the civil war.

And the more he kept running away from his history, the more it kept catching up.

A very, very common archetype that is as old as the hills.

One scene, he was talking to his buddy, about this girl that he was falling for.

Another very common inflection point in the hero character arc.

Seemingly good guy trying desperately to escape from his bad boy past.

Falling in love with a very virtuous "good girl."

Then he expressed the most common fear held by humans.

This, of course, is the reason for these common stories.

The CONTENT is always different.

Building railroads, fighting against the Death Star, good Vikings vs. bad Vikings.

But the structure is the same.

Because the structure matches our deep fears.

We MUST identify with the good guy.

And while we don't need to identify with the bad guy, we must at least have  the "Chris Rock - O.J." perspective.

In one of his more famous stand up routines, Chris Rock said, about O.J. Simpson:

"I don't condone what he did. But I understand."

The MORE we can identify with the good guy the better.

Sometimes the good guy and the bad guy are the same person.

Or struggling within both.

This is the very recently common "Anti Hero.

Walter White.

Tony Soprano.

The Joker.

Anyhow, back to the scene from Hell on Wheels.

Where the hero expresses the most common fear.

"I'm afraid she is going to find out who I REALLY am, and run away screaming."

Everybody has this fear when getting to know somebody.

And even deeper, everybody has many common fears about meeting others.

And we approach "new" people with a fear of them finding our hidden fears.

This is like two positively charged particles coming at each other.

Not likely to "hook up" unless there is a outside, strong force pushing them together.

But you CAN change your polarity.


You CAN learn to turn off those inner things creating social anxiety.

Which means with just a LITTLE bit of practice, and a understanding of human nature, you can EASILY be a hero to everybody you talk to.

Walk up, say hey, enjoy a few back and forth words, and they'll feel FANTASTIC.

Because of YOU.

Learn How:


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