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The Taco Bell Trap


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One way that humans transfer skills from one brain to another is through modeling.

Unconscious copying.

This can happen purely unconsciously, when kids copy things from adults.

Or when teenagers pick up "bad" behaviors from the "wrong" crowd.

Or partially consciously, partially unconsciously, in the case of the master-apprentice relationship.

Or fully consciously, when we practice something from a teacher or a coach, but with our full conscious attention.

Natural, instinctive life skills are mostly unconscious.

Walking, talking, learning basic skills.

Complex mind-body skills generally are the master-apprentice part.

Mostly mental skills, like algebra, are mostly conscious.

We watch the teacher solve and equation on the board, and unconsciously copying that isn't so easy.

We have to practice a lot.

Consider that this is ONE reason we have self awareness.

So we could have different levels of learning.

But the best kind of modeling is when you model your future self.

If you imagine you have a skill, in the future.

And you try to practice to get closer to that future you with the future skill.

And along the way, your brain will give you plenty of advice on how to get there the quickest.

It's tempting to expect or hope this will be easy.

Like if you ask a stranger on the street where the nearest Taco Bell is.

He gives you the directions, and you visualize going there, consciously or unconsciously.

That is pretty easy.

But going into the unknown future, even if you have a very clear endpoint, means the path is going to be unknown.

Walking on some named streets is easy.

But learning skills you've never experienced before, isn't.

This is why many people give up easily.

They imagine having a skill.

They imagine the benefits from this skill.

They try to go from where they are, to where they want to be.

But unlike walking to Taco Bell, there will be obstacles.

Things they didn't expect.

Things that take a little bit of brainpower.

Most people HATE obstacles.

They spend all their brain energy WISHING those obstacles weren't there.

Complaining that those obstacles are there.

Even creating a complex idea that those obstacles were put there on purpose.

That's fine.

Let those people think that.


Because those obstacles are not mere roadblocks.

They are very, very important things.

One is they are mental teaching tools.

Your brains way of looking ahead, and giving you skill learning exercises.

Because once you get PAST those obstacles, you'll have a lot more experience in your brain.

Which will make it MORE likely to get closer to the target.

But even better, those obstacles work as FILTERS.

Every one you pass separates people like you from the lazy people who expect things easy.

Which means the more obstacles you hack your way through, the less competition you'll have.

For ALL the good things in life.

Money, love, romance, status, sex, and whatever else you want.

Get Going:


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