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How long before I do not need the subliminal again. Also will the ones we buy from your site be permanent.I know the only reason affects wear off are because my mindset changes due to life, but will using it for 3 months or so make it relatively permanent. Stuff like luck, charisma and love attraction from specific person are what i am using. even if i accomplish a goal i want to keep their effects.


Also is it ok to download and mix them on audacity so I get more at once( Like mixing all the luck, L.O.A. and money subs into one super money sub) or would that mess it up.

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Hi, just chiming in till George replies,


I need a "refresher" when my thinking or actions START to  return back to their old ways.


For, me changes are temporal, but a few do become permanent, simply by repetition.


Example, I was too much of an introvert, I hated when I took too long on lines (like xmas shopping checkout lines) because I worried about what the people behind me would thibk "getting annoyed". So, I purposley take another minute or two, either by asking the cashier a question or reaching for my money to pay very slowly. Over time, it becomes natural, and, nobody bit my head off because I took a little longer in line.


Example:  After using the respect mp3 many times, I got to bank teller, she grinned at me and shook her head because I did not know my account number: So, it naturally occurrred to me to stare at her, tilt my head, and stare at her in disbelief. Her (the teller) demeanor changed immediately.


I dont mix too many, I listen to the same 3 every week. No rigid schedule, as the need arises, whatever area Im feeling weakest in, I hammer away at it.


But thats just me. Everyone is different.

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They'll never be COMPLETELY permanent. The mind tends to revert to the old, safe, protective ways. If you've got a garden, you're going to need to weed in once in a while. It won't be as labor as intensive as planting the garden in the first place, but you WILL need to take care of it.


The human brain is HARD WIRED to look for fear, and immediately OVER ESTIMATE danger. So when you're building up new neural pathways, you'll need to keep tending to them or else Mother Nature will revert your brain back to its factory programmed state.


Of course, the listening sessions CAN be thought of as "training wheels." Put in the proper beliefs, which will lead to proper behavior, and then the behavior will be all you need to keep up the results.


As far as mixing them, plenty of people have had pretty good results doing that.

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